Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment (includes cognitive, academic achievement, attention/executive functioning and emotion/behaviour assessment)

Psychologist ASD Assessment (ADOS-II, ADI-R, adaptive behaviour assessment; optional: school observation)

Intellectual Functioning Assessment (cognitive and adaptive behaviour assessment)

Functional Capacity Assessment (includes cognitive, adaptive behaviour, neuropsychological, academic achievement, attention/executive functioning, emotion/behaviour and social perception assessment in order to estimate the level of functional impairment in 6 key areas of life skills: mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management skills)

Speech Therapy

Language assessment

Language & Pragmatic Language Assessment

Pragmatic Language Assessment

Speech/Oral Motor assessment

Stuttering assessment/evaluation

Speech/Oral Motor/Apraxia Assessment

Occupational Therapy

Sensory Profiling Assessment

Comprehensive Occupational Assessment (includes Sensory Profile 2, Sensory processing measure, Move ABC -2, Beery VMI and the DASH (when applicable)

Handwriting Assessment

All assessments include testing, feedback and reports. Assessments are available for all ages.