Occupational Therapist

We offer pediatric occupational therapy to support children’s success in developing their self-care, emotional, social, and sensory skills. We work with a holistic approach to assessment and intervention, which is inclusive of parents, families, carers, and teachers’ involvement in therapy and assessment.

Our occupational therapist works with children and their families across the clinic, home, and school environments to enable children to participate meaningfully within their daily environments. Intervention sessions and assessment utilise a play-based approach, and can be conducted within home, school, day care or clinic environments.

Assessments Available:

1. Sensory Profiling Assessment

2. Comprehensive Occupational Assessment (includes Sensory Profile 2, Sensory processing measure, Move ABC -2, Beery VMI and the DASH (when applicable)

3. Handwriting Assessment

All assessments include testing, feedback and reports. Assessments are available for all ages.