We offer a range of developmentally appropriate and evidence based psychology evaluation and therapy services for infants through to young adults. We provide a range of developmental and psychoeducational assessments as well as individually tailored psychology interventions.

We utilise a wide range of psychology therapies, including play based, cognitive behavioural, acceptance and commitment, and child-parent interaction therapy. These services are conducted in close collaboration with parents and families, and often also with the child’s school community and – when applicable – other treating professionals.

Families, young people, schools and health professionals commonly seek advice from Wise Owl in regards to:

  • Early identification and support of developmental, learning, and mental health concerns
  • Learning, comprehension, attention and memory difficulties (e.g. identification of learning and attention disorders)
  • Social difficulties (including identification of Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  • Mental illness such as Anxiety Disorders and Mood Disorders
  • Trauma: either acute, chronic or PTSD related
  • Attachment and co-regulation support
  • Stress and emotional regulation support
  • Parenting and interaction difficulties within families

Assessments Available:

1. Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessment (includes cognitive, academic achievement, attention/executive functioning and emotion/behaviour assessment)

2. Psychologist ASD Assessment (ADOS-II, ADI-R, adaptive behaviour assessment; optional: school observation)

3. Intellectual Functioning Assessment (cognitive and adaptive behaviour assessment)

4. Functional Capacity Assessment (includes cognitive, adaptive behaviour, neuropsychological, academic achievement, attention/executive functioning, emotion/behaviour and social perception assessment in order to estimate the level of functional impairment in 6 key areas of life skills: mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management skills)

Our friendly team is happy to assist in choosing the right assessment and/or therapy. All assessments include testing, feedback and reports. Assessments are available for all ages.